Saturday, July 28, 2007


Senior college - an unexpected demeanour since i never thought i would go through this experience, my future plans being something entirely different. Nevertheless, i opted for my favorite subjects- english n' psycho..n' headed for day 1 into the vast college of speciality...in2 arts.

Nervous as I was, I required someone to accompany me into the college old friend did. No ragging, no tensions. 2-3 days into the college n' i realised my friend n' her group are d boring sort according to my tastes, always bunking classes, masti, gossip n' what all crap. Just the right temperament u need 2 mess up ur graduation, n' later, ur career! I'm stuck with them! Try as I might, me cant get myself outta this quicksand. Really pissed off, uff!!! N' even if i try 2 mix wid other ppl, am termed as a "double cross", now i dunno how that happened!!!!lolz...

Anyways, today me completed one whole week in the college, n' really irritated, dunno how to handle three whole years!!!Me planning to bury myself into books, thats all...what say?


Sam said...

bunking classes, masti and all mess up ur grads??? who told u dat???
had dat been true... i'd have been no where!!
anywyz, meri cousin ria.. said teh same thing.. nwo she swears by dat grp in her college!! :)
give urself soem time!!

Dazzy said...
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Aditya said...

I bunked my first day of my coll n went for a movie :D
books wer never in my mind all thro my coll. yeah they messed up my grades but u will less them even more wen u dont give urself time !
I dont regret anythin i did in coll be it bunkin classes or jumpin walls to escape from hostel :D
Have fun sis n do study hard too !
what we do is what we are !