Saturday, December 8, 2007


Patience speaks of the days spent,
Impatience cries out for the days ahead.
Imagination- a bridge- says it all.
What is spent, had been an imagination.
What is coming, will be an imagination.
The lovely wonders of patience is incalculable.
The horrible tragedies of impatience is unforeseen.
Patience is a golden gift,
Impatience- a foe in disguise.
Love depicts patience,
The otherwise is enmity, anger, distress ...

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Confusion Of Feelings

Love, true love, is that which can give the most without asking or demanding anything in return

O Rose, thou art sick!
The invisible worm
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm
Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy.
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.
- William Blake.

Love is a four letter word controlling the five letter world. The inability of the animals having an extra sense to differentiate between love and lust causes to induce in oneself heartless if not, grave decisions.

This poem by William Blake brings out the intense confused inner feelings of a guy. The poem starts with the description of a girl as beautiful as the rose, who goes by the name of Rose. The guy is shocked to know the girl is not in good health. He describes himself as one among the many lovers of Rose and is almost not visible if not invisible to her. Unable to accept the fact that Rose doesn't even realize his existence and confusing his inner feelings, he turns into this unwanted creature wanting his love to be something of existence. He desires his love to be something as beautiful as crimson, the color of love and beauty. He is totally obsessed with her beauty which makes him so angry that she doesn't notice him. He is filled with all sorts of mixed emotions which watered by his obsession of Rose grows into this tyranny of thoughts and adds to the storm raging in him, thus poisoning his mind. He decides to be no longer the invisible worm. He goes to discovering Rose's place and finds her sleeping in her bed. The blinding emotions leads him to killing her unreasonably. And thus his dark and secret love leads to destroy the one he loved or thought he loved. The last line reveals a complete new meaning of the feelings experienced by the guy. Dark and secret love is the same as having 'nolove' at all because love is never dark and secret but always pure. The emotions were not love but lust. The guy's ignorance to differentiate between the two cost the life of the one he thought he loved.

The poem inter-relates the three words sin - lust - death. The lust over Rose made(forced) the guy to kill the girl. Killing of a person, here the girl, brought about the death of her. And killing itself is defined as a sin. Pure love wont expect any recognition, it lives to its own existence.

"The only reward for love is the experience of loving"

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Am on d seventh heavens of happiness. I finally found d right people around me. The subject that i loved most n' had opted for on d advice of a mentor, I discovered some really kool frenz. College is like real fun now!

Messing up notes, or bunking classes, or proxies or wateva...all are done in its extremity...yet our feet are still on firm ground. We keep up with the goings on in the class, yet enjoyment is at its fullest. Welcome for us fresherz is still to come and we are awaiting it with baited breath, yet nervous about the ragging business. hehe...

Everybody suggests that just the 1st yr shall be fun and it will wear off as time wears off. But as long as i have such frenz wimme, i dun thnk such a criteria shall never pop up.One of my very good frenz 4m pune says he really enjoyed his 4 whole years of engineering college at manipal n' still cudnt get enough of it. I hope to enjoy the way he did, though not as much.:D

Lets see what these three bring up in my life...

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Senior college - an unexpected demeanour since i never thought i would go through this experience, my future plans being something entirely different. Nevertheless, i opted for my favorite subjects- english n' psycho..n' headed for day 1 into the vast college of speciality...in2 arts.

Nervous as I was, I required someone to accompany me into the college old friend did. No ragging, no tensions. 2-3 days into the college n' i realised my friend n' her group are d boring sort according to my tastes, always bunking classes, masti, gossip n' what all crap. Just the right temperament u need 2 mess up ur graduation, n' later, ur career! I'm stuck with them! Try as I might, me cant get myself outta this quicksand. Really pissed off, uff!!! N' even if i try 2 mix wid other ppl, am termed as a "double cross", now i dunno how that happened!!!!lolz...

Anyways, today me completed one whole week in the college, n' really irritated, dunno how to handle three whole years!!!Me planning to bury myself into books, thats all...what say?

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Thy heart's sombre emotions,
all the way growing stronger...
a drop now, an ocean then,
it never seems to die.
It calls out, for its aching heart
is melting up, up and away...
So much for the pain!
Wont I meet you again?
An emotional stress, an aesthetic feeling,
something tells me you are around,
to my heart you are duty bound.
Wont thou ever be mine?
Emotion calls from its highest peak,
Love is there, strong but bleak.
Atheist are you, to my feelings?
Ignorant are you, of my pain?
Oh come now!Enough of the game...
Lets start...all over again.
Something seems to die in me,
Something seems to churn.
Ah!the pain it takes,
to go on and on and on...
Oh come now!Enough of the game...
Lets start...all over again...

Monday, June 25, 2007


24th june, 2007

we had our get together party through RACE. a team of specially selected60 including 15 teachers n' 45 students 4m different schools of bbsr, d capital of orissa who went to a trip 2 bangalore, ooty, mysore n' kodaikanal on a cultural exchange tour, a trip 2 remember...
so the 15 day trip ended, we were back safely home on 17th june, 2007, early morning at 4am...ah!bit 2 early!!!hehe
anyways, we all missed d mates so much that the president of RACE arranged a get together it was 2day...ah!!!d giggling n' pleasurable screaming of d gals n' coll hi's 4m d guys...everybdy's faces pasted wid long smiles...lolz...
we got 2 c d dvd dat was shot during our trip...reliving d 15 was fun!!!
so now as yet another year of trip is over, we await d next years trip...goggling our ears at what place we might get 2 go...still in wait...impatiently...