Saturday, December 8, 2007


Patience speaks of the days spent,
Impatience cries out for the days ahead.
Imagination- a bridge- says it all.
What is spent, had been an imagination.
What is coming, will be an imagination.
The lovely wonders of patience is incalculable.
The horrible tragedies of impatience is unforeseen.
Patience is a golden gift,
Impatience- a foe in disguise.
Love depicts patience,
The otherwise is enmity, anger, distress ...


Sam said...

nice one!!! the u brought out the meaning and true import of patience and imaptience.. definitely does catch the eye!!!

Fun Guy said...

awesome post!! gud to c u posting again.. :) bt maybe impatience isn always bad.. opinions vary..

nyways nice comeback ;)

Dazzy said...

thx sam...
thx kev...cumbak???well i gs i wont b cumin bak again 4 sumtym now...lolz...
i agree wid wat u say of impatience..but dats a rare commodity

Nora S said...

You have the true mark of a poet ;)

I certainly understand that you are explaining the power of patience but being impatient doesnt neccesarily attribute the feelings of enmity , anger , distress.

Let's consider this joke as an example.

Child: God !! Give me patience !! But give it to me fast !!

(Its a girl presumably .. :P :P)

Understand what i mean??