Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Thou seem so near,
Thou are so far,
I cannot make out,
this uncertain star.
I think I can have you,
But then I change my mind.
You are just a hallucination,
one of my unborn creation.
You are not alive,
I live by your dreams.
You seem so real,
Why arent you here?
My heart feels for you,
Is your reality a misconception?
I say I crave for your being,
your existence,
of you being there for me...
Thou seem so near,
Why are thou so far?
Come to me...
Come to me...
Come to me...


Sam said...

well well well..........
quite dreamy.... carry on kid!!

sanjay said...

this one is the best one :)

vignesh said...

Gud One dear..!!
Dont stop writin!!

Ritlu said...

Hey hey, Bachi, tumhaari yeh pukaar sunke africaii jungles se sare chimpanzees daude chale aarahe hein tumhare paas. Now there are almost none left there, and this could indeed turn into an international controversy between the nations!!

So watch out,better keep all ur doors and windows closed!

just kidding, bachi, I was just pulling ur leg. well, a nice one, indeed. Good, keep going!
I will just say "Lagey Raho Munni Bai"!! I mean, Lagey Raho Varsha Rani!