Tuesday, April 24, 2007


sum ppl really r adamant actually REMINDING me 2 write blogs...now dun they hav better things to do?well, thanx 2 them i can continue "blogging"..hehe
can u imagine starting a day cleaning up the whole house?unless u r a homemaker or sumfn', dat is...now dats how my day started off 2day..n' mind u, am none of the above...gruesome start i wud call it in this sickening heat...eeew!
all i needed was a bath bt then...wat am obsessed wid...d urge 2 go onlyn...n' i got stuck 2 it...n' am still stuck here...dunno when am gonna b cleaned..bt my mind's refreshed all right....a boring way 2 start..bt yea..so starts another day!!!

n' am NOT gonna 4give my frnd 2 remind me always...


Sam said...

dirty girl......... go get a bath!! :P

Dazzy said...

lolz...i had dat long bak...jus' had been 2 lazy 2 do it then

vignesh said...

Not bad..

itzzz far bttr thn havin a whole Day Date wit Engg. Books..
*Thtzz a diffrnt issue tht i dont do so.. still*

gini said...

such cute n innocent thoughts lol!!hey u knw wat i hate taking baths!!!

Dazzy said...

n' i luv 2...god knws y sam lyks 2 forestall my thots

Ritlu said...

well, then bachi, u could have had a different start also, like taking a glass of nimbu paani or dahi sharbat at the very start, so that u remain cool all day!!!hehhehehhehehhe.

And baaki raha bathing ki baat to, one purana thought has come back to my mind, which once a good friend had told me "SHER KO KABHI DEKHA HEI BRUSH YA NAAHATE HUYE??"
Well, I haven't even seen a SHERNI also doing that!! Infact, paraye gharon mein mein bhalla kyun jhaanku, agar sher and the sherni nahin nahate, then disease to unhe hogi naa, deosprays to unhe kharidne honge naa!! But I can give one suggestion here, take a big tub, somewhat like a bathing tub, take 5-6 tablespoons of TIDE and rinse well, now dip urself inside that and keep urself there for 1 hr -- u will also CHOUNK jaaogey after the effect!!hehhehehhe.

And abt blogging, well, see, it may seem boring now, and in a few days, u may also lose focus and zeal as well to keep going, but one thing u should always remember, if u wanna become a journalist, there also u would be required to write!! So why not start now, it will actually help u in the long run. Infact if u keep maintaining a beautiful blogsite going, even during the interview, u can show them these. I am sure, they will be impressed.

So Bachi, just keep going like this --- "RUKH JAANA NAHIN, TU KABHI HAAR KE ......."

ALL THE VERY BEST --FOR UR BLOGGING AND ALSO FOR subaha subaha uthke jhaadu lagaane ke liye!!!! A good exercise indeed, mein bhi to kartaa hun!!