Saturday, April 28, 2007


Well guys, mind not working perfectly clear 2 write anyfin' at all..havent even thought wat 2 write..jus' scribbling on...2moro starts boredom,yes! gotta go 2 d village, dress up cordially,attend weddings, grin, be gud 2 people...gracious compliments....yuck!!!!!!!!i am fed up!!!
i dun lyk all dat! then y am i 2 go thr at all? d old stuff man!!!please people!!!bt hey!y please others???

hang on!who r "others"???they r my own grandparents!!n' i luv them...ok fyn granpa!!!am coming wid u..happy???grr!i do feel lyk dressing up in baggy jeans or cargo's 2 d weddings bt dat in a village????2 much man, 2 much!

n' 2 add fuel 2 d fire, viggy calls me up n' post a blog abt d village!wat do i post? wanna make people know how i hate being trodden abt lyk a doll, all dressed up??eeeeeeeeeew!!!call this i care?bt wateva it is pray 4 me...coz..weddings!!!in this heat????gross!!!


KUNTAL said...

Thats a straight from the heart expression... nice compilation...

Dazzy said... was my description of irritation